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Our first-ever pre-season poll - with 88 voters - and Mark Ingram leads the pack

Posted by Kari Chisholm on September 2, 2010 in News.
Our first-ever pre-season poll - with 88 voters - and Mark Ingram leads the pack

Welcome to the new Stiff Arm Trophy. We've got lots of new features here for 2010.

On the first day of the college football season, we've now released our first-ever pre-season poll for the Heisman Trophy. With 88 actual Heisman voters participating from 38 states, the poll is the most expansive Heisman poll yet.

Heisman voters were asked simply, "Which 15 college football players are on your Heisman watch list?" (rather than asking them to rank a top five or three.)

All 88 voters included Alabama running back Mark Ingram, the 2009 Heisman Trophy winner. (Please note: nearly all responses came in before his recent surgery was announced.)

87 Heisman voters included Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor in their personal top 15, ranking him a close second. Washington QB Jake Locker, Boise State QB Kellen Moore, and Houston QB Case Keenum round out the top five.

2010 will be a fascinating Heisman race, with just one previous finalist returning. With 88 actual voters participating, the poll gives us an opening-day snapshot of just how wide open the contest is this year. We'll be tracking this all year - since it's possible that the eventual winner isn't even in the top 25 right now!

On the jump, the full details of the poll...

1Alabama RB Mark Ingram100%88
2Ohio St QB Terrelle Pryor99%87
3Washington QB Jake Locker84%74
4Boise St QB Kellen Moore81%72
5Houston QB Case Keenum79%70
6Pitt RB Dion Lewis77%64
7Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett77%69
8Oregon St RB Jacquizz Rodgers70%59
9Wisconsin RB John Clay56%47
10Stanford QB Andrew Luck53%47
11West Virginia RB Noel Devine52%42
12Miami QB Jacory Harris48%41
13Virginia Tech RB Ryan Williams43%34
14Florida St QB Christian Ponder40%36
15Oregon RB LaMichael James37%32
16Georgia WR AJ Green33%34
17Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray28%27
18TCU QB Andy Dalton23%20
19Oklahoma QB Landry Jones23%19
20Florida QB John Brantley19%19
21Alabama QB Greg McElroy19%18
22Navy QB Ricky Dobbs19%16
23Iowa DL Adrian Clayborn19%18
24Penn St RB Evan Royster18%17
25Alabama WR Julio Jones18%17

With votes coming from 38 states, players are ranked based on a weighted percentage that adjusts for the number of participating voters in each state. (For example, we had 24 voters from the South region, and just 8 from the Northeast.)

Here's the regional breakdown:

(11 votes)
(18 votes)
(8 votes)
(24 votes)
(16 votes)
(11 votes)
1Alabama RB Mark Ingram100%100%100%100%100%100%
2Ohio St QB Terrelle Pryor100%100%100%95%100%100%
3Washington QB Jake Locker72%77%87%83%87%100%
4Boise St QB Kellen Moore90%83%62%75%93%81%
5Houston QB Case Keenum81%55%75%87%87%90%
6Pitt RB Dion Lewis100%72%100%54%75%63%
7Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett81%66%75%91%75%72%
8Oregon St RB Jacquizz Rodgers54%72%75%50%68%100%
9Wisconsin RB John Clay54%77%75%33%43%54%
10Stanford QB Andrew Luck27%66%50%50%43%81%
11West Virginia RB Noel Devine90%33%62%37%43%45%
12Miami QB Jacory Harris36%27%62%45%62%54%
13Virginia Tech RB Ryan Williams54%16%87%41%25%36%
14Florida St QB Christian Ponder27%27%62%50%56%18%
15Oregon RB LaMichael James36%22%25%41%25%72%
16Georgia WR AJ Green54%38%12%70%6%18%
17Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray27%33%12%33%43%18%
18TCU QB Andy Dalton27%16%12%12%37%36%
19Oklahoma QB Landry Jones18%11%37%12%50%9%
20Florida QB John Brantley9%5%37%41%25%0%
21Alabama QB Greg McElroy27%22%12%25%12%18%
22Navy QB Ricky Dobbs18%16%12%12%18%36%
23Iowa DL Adrian Clayborn9%44%12%8%31%9%
24Penn St RB Evan Royster18%22%12%16%31%9%
25Alabama WR Julio Jones18%22%12%25%12%18%

Participating voters included:

Mid-Atlantic: Frank Bodani, Mike Casazza, Richard Cirminiello, Bob Flounders, Travis Haney, Todd Helmick, Chuck Landon, John Lindsay, Tom Luicci, Dave Morrison, Caulton Tudor

Midwest: Andy Baggot, Randy Beard, Mike Carmin, Angelique Chengelis, Doug Clarke, Pete DiPrimio, Don Doxsie, Teddy Greenstein, Dave Hackenberg, Sean Keeler, Tony Krausz, Marc Morehouse, Tom Mulhern, Tom Oates, Jeff Potrykus, C. Trent Rosecrans, Drew Sharp, Jon Spencer

Northeast: Mark Blaudschun, Albert Chen, Mike DiMauro, Cory McCartney, Rick McGowan, Bud Poliquin, B.J. Schecter, Howard Simon

South: Brady Ackerman, Andy Bitter, Rick Bozich, Bruce Brown, Olin Buchanan, John Clay, Rick Cleveland, David Climer, Tommy Deas, Pat Dooley, Tim Guidera, Chuck Hathcock, Jim Henderson, Ron Higgins, Joey Johnston, Sam Kouvaris, Ted Lewis, Chris Low, Phillip Marshall, Jim Mashek, Billy Reed, Jeff Shepard, Jay Tate, Bob Tompkins

Southwest: Greg Archuleta, David Barron, Bret Bloomquist, Jimmy Burch, Sean Callahan, Jenni Carlson, Joe Cervi, Tom Dienhart, Suzanne Halliburton, Kevin Haskin, Rich Kaipust, Harry King, Dave Matter, John Rohde, Tom Shatel, Joe Walljasper

West: Steve Bisheff, Bob Condotta, Patrick Finley, Ryan Finley, Ken Goe, Bob Keisser, Jeff Metcalfe, Kevin Schnepf, John Tamanaha, Mike Waldner, Bud Withers,