Stiff Arm Trophy

First-place votes

A seemingly-simple metric that's often used is the number of first-place votes that a Heisman candidate can get.

But, of course, that's deceiving - since there will be more first-place votes in the years where there are more voters. Again, we recommend using a percentage, in order to make year-to-year comparisons meaningful.

Note: We're not able to include the years 1935-1950 - as the Trophy Trust website does not have the 1-2-3 vote breakdown listed for those years.

yearvotersname#1 votespct #1s
2006924Troy Smith80186.7%
2005923Reggie Bush78484.9%
1993919Charlie Ward74080.5%
2010925Cam Newton72978.8%
1998921Ricky Williams71477.5%
2013929Jameis Winston66871.9%
19681200O.J. Simpson85571.3%
1991917Desmond Howard64069.8%
19761048Tony Dorsett70166.9%
19841050Doug Flutie67864.6%
19861050Vinny Testaverde67864.6%
1999922Ron Dayne58663.6%
1988917Barry Sanders55961.0%
1951987Richard Kazmaier50651.3%
2012927Johnny Manziel47451.1%
19821050Herschel Walker52550.0%
2007925Tim Tebow46249.9%
1997921Charles Woodson43347.0%
19631123Roger Staubach51746.0%
19831050Mike Rozier48245.9%
19741075Archie Griffin48344.9%
19551324Howard Cassady59444.9%
2011927Robert Griffin III40543.7%
19751041Archie Griffin45443.6%
1994920Rashaan Salaam40043.5%
19591197Billy Cannon51943.4%
19791050Charles White45343.1%
19811050Marcus Allen44142.0%
19701264Jim Plunkett51040.3%
2000922Chris Weinke36940.0%
19601130Joe Bellino43638.6%
19661160Steve Spurrier43337.3%
19671033Gary Beban36935.7%
19771050Earl Campbell37135.3%
2003922Jason White31934.6%
1990917Ty Detmer31634.5%
1992918Gino Torretta31033.8%
1996920Danny Wuerffel30032.6%
2008926Sam Bradford30032.4%
19871050Tim Brown32430.9%
19531255John Lattner38430.6%
19851050Bo Jackson31730.2%
1995921Eddie George26829.1%
2004923Matt Leinart26728.9%
19711260Pat Sullivan35528.2%
19721127Johnny Rodgers30126.7%
1989918Andre Ware24226.4%
2002922Carson Palmer24226.2%
19581191Pete Dawkins29624.9%
2009925Mark Ingram22724.5%
19691212Steve Owens29424.3%
19731075John Cappelletti22921.3%
19801050George Rogers21620.6%
19641104John Huarte21619.6%
19571267John David Crow24119.0%
2001925Eric Crouch16217.5%
19611091Ernie Davis17916.4%
19541318Alan Ameche21416.2%
19621109Terry Baker17215.5%
19651160Mike Garrett17915.4%
19561318Paul Hornung19714.9%
19781050Billy Sims15114.4%
19521222Billy Vessels988.0%

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