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USA Today: Countdown: Lattimore looks forward to carrying the load

South Carolina workhorse tailback "just grateful" to be back on the field after missing the last six games of last season with a knee injury

Published August 23, 2012

Jun 10, 2013ESPN: B1G Official Visit: Lattimore, OSU and PSU
May 7, 2013Yahoo Sports: Marcus Lattimore’s draft reaction video brings his long post-injury journey full circle
Apr 18, 2013Sports Illustrated: Marcus Lattimore is still chasing his NFL dream
Apr 11, 2013AP: South Carolina runners move on minus Lattimore (Yahoo! Sports)
Apr 9, 2013ESPN: Gruden's special on Lattimore airs tonight
Apr 5, 2013ESPN: Video: Marcus Lattimore's long road back
Mar 27, 2013ESPN: Lattimore does drills, gets cheers from scouts
Mar 27, 2013AP: Injured RB Lattimore gets cheers from NFL scouts (Yahoo! Sports)
Mar 27, 2013Yahoo Sports: Marcus Lattimore’s journey back to participate in South Carolina’s pro day is incredible
Mar 19, 2013Sports Illustrated: Lattimore plans to attend South Carolina pro day
Mar 19, 2013AP: Lattimore will attend pro day at South Carolina (Yahoo! Sports)
Feb 19, 2013Yahoo Sports: Marcus Lattimore says at NFL combine doctors will be “shocked” at recovery from ugly college injury
Feb 19, 2013Yahoo Sports: Marcus Lattimore says at NFL combine doctors will be “shocked” at recovery from ugly college injury
Feb 19, 2013ESPN: Lattimore says he's ready to shock doctors
Feb 18, 2013USA Today: Marcus Lattimore way ahead of schedule in bid to play this year
Feb 18, 2013USA Today: Marcus Lattimore pulls off 'impossible' muscle gain in rehab
Feb 15, 2013ESPN: Lattimore says injuries shouldn't worry Clowney
Feb 15, 2013AP: Lattimore doesn't regret anything, Clowney playing (Yahoo! Sports)
Feb 8, 2013AP: Lattimore's goal is to play this fall in NFL (Yahoo! Sports)
Feb 8, 2013NY Times: Lattimore's Goal Is to Play This Fall in NFL
Jan 23, 2013ESPN: Marcus Lattimore is optimistic about 2013
Jan 22, 2013ESPN: Lattimore hopes to be ready for 2013 season
Jan 21, 2013USA Today: Marcus Lattimore expects to be ready for NFL
Dec 12, 2012ESPN: Injured RB Lattimore declares for NFL draft
Dec 11, 2012ESPN: Assessing Marcus Lattimore's NFL decision
Dec 10, 2012ESPN: Marcus Lattimore to take shot at the NFL
Dec 10, 2012Yahoo Sports: Marcus Lattimore will reportedly enter the NFL Draft instead of returning to South Carolina
Dec 10, 2012Sports Illustrated: Sources: Gamecocks' Lattimore declaring for NFL
Dec 10, 2012AP: AP Sources: Gamecocks' Lattimore declaring for NFL (Yahoo! Sports)
Dec 10, 2012ESPN: Source: Injured RB Lattimore to enter draft
Dec 9, 2012USA Today: Spurrier: Marcus Lattimore 'weighing his decision'
Nov 10, 2012Yahoo Sports: Marcus Lattimore leaves a video message for teammates and fans
Nov 8, 2012Yahoo Sports: Marcus Lattimore has successful surgery
Nov 8, 2012Sports Illustrated: Injured Lattimore not attending Arkansas game
Nov 8, 2012ESPN: Hurt Lattimore won't attend S. Carolina's game
Nov 8, 2012AP: Injured Gamecocks RB Lattimore won't attend game (Yahoo! Sports)
Nov 8, 2012CBS Sports: Injured Lattimore won't be at South Carolina game for sign ceremony
Oct 31, 2012Yahoo Sports: LSU’s Sam Montgomery to honor Marcus Lattimore by wearing Lattimore’s number on his arm
Oct 31, 2012ESPN: LSU's Sam Montgomery to honor Lattimore
Oct 31, 2012CBS Sports: Marcus Lattimore's injury makes you look past the great player and see a great person
Oct 30, 2012Yahoo Sports: VOD: ‘Singing Hog Lady’ makes a special YouTube appearance for Marcus Lattimore
Oct 30, 2012Yahoo Sports: Steve Spurrier makes Marcus Lattimore Day all about Steve Spurrier
Oct 30, 2012ESPN: Marcus Lattimore says he'll be back
Oct 29, 2012Yahoo Sports: Marcus Lattimore support rally draws big crowd at South Carolina
Oct 29, 2012ESPN: Spurrier says Lattimore promised return to field
Oct 29, 2012AP: Spurrier: Lattimore will play again for Gamecocks (Yahoo! Sports)
Oct 29, 2012ESPN: Crossing patterns with Lattimore, Mathieu
Oct 29, 2012CBS Sports: What we learned: Lattimore heartbreak; No. 2 debate alive, but No. 1 not in question
Oct 29, 2012USA Today: Spurrier: Lattimore will play again for Gamecocks
Oct 28, 2012CBS Sports: Spurrier says Lattimore might be able to return for 2014 season

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