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How our projection broke down regionally

Posted by Kari Chisholm on December 8, 2011 in News.

When we produce our Heisman projection, we actually produce six separate regional projections (plus one for the former winners).

Here's the regional breakdown of the 203 ballots that we had by this morning. As you can see, Robert Griffin is leading in every single region. The only close one? In the Northeast.

Andrew Luck will place second in all regions, except the South - where Trent Richardson will place second.

Interestingly, if our numbers are right, Matt Barkley will place third in the West region. (Hard to say, since we're talking fairly small numbers when it comes to non-finalists.)

By percentage:

R Griffin33%100%81%96%73%81%76%69%95%
A Luck66%66%65%34%54%28%54%62%31%
T Richardson100%22%13%17%16%50%29%33%45%
M Ball0%0%7%24%33%14%14%11%9%
T Mathieu0%0%8%19%12%18%11%6%18%
M Barkley0%0%21%0%2%3%5%4%0%

By raw points:

R Griffin19561177587653121
A Luck264542563046287
T Richardson329211754251510
M Ball0053034151252
T Mathieu0062413201034
M Barkley0015134520
R Wilson001052300
B Weeden010500000
L James001000220
K Moore000011020
D Robinson000000010
C Keenum000100100
C Klein000200000
L Kuechly000000100