Stiff Arm Trophy

Week 11: Andrew Luck stays on top; LaMichael James surges

Posted on November 18, 2011 in News.

Last weekend, the top two candidates in the Stiff Arm Trophy poll of Heisman voters both lost. The big question: would it affect the rankings?

The answer for Stanford QB Andrew Luck: No. Luck was on 97% of Heisman voters' watch lists (top seven) and kept his top spot in our poll. The answer for Boise State QB Kellen Moore: Yes. Moore dropped three spots from #2 to #5, and now only appears on 64% of top-seven watch lists.

The rest of the top four, each on 79-81% of top-seven lists, are Alabama RB Trent Richardson, Houston QB Case Keenum, and Oklahoma State QB Brandon Weeden. It's fair to call that a virtual dead heat for second place behind Luck.

Oregon RB LaMichael James is the second big mover this week, jumping up four spots from #10 to #6. James now appears on 59% of top-seven Heisman watch lists.

The rest of the top 12 is a bit scrambled, but with the same faces as last week: #7 Baylor QB Robert Griffin III, #8 Oklahoma QB Landry Jones, #9 Oklahoma St WR Justin Blackmon, #8 Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson, #11 USC QB Matt Barkley, and #12 LSU DB Tyrann Mathieu.

48 actual Heisman voters from 26 states participated in this week's poll. The poll asked voters to share an unranked top-7 "watch list" for the Heisman Trophy.

1Stanford QB Andrew Luck97%461
2Alabama RB Trent Richardson80%393
3Houston QB Case Keenum79%384
4Oklahoma St QB Brandon Weeden78%395
5Boise St QB Kellen Moore64%282
6Oregon RB LaMichael James59%3010
7Baylor QB Robert Griffin III42%227
8Oklahoma QB Landry Jones38%196
9Oklahoma St WR Justin Blackmon37%199
10Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson23%118
11USC QB Matt Barkley16%711
12LSU DB Tyrann Mathieu15%712

With votes coming from multiple states, players are ranked based on a weighted percentage that adjusts for the number of participating voters in each state.

Here's the regional breakdown:

1Stanford QB Andrew Luck100%100%100%100%84%100%
2Alabama RB Trent Richardson71%87%60%88%76%100%
3Houston QB Case Keenum85%62%100%77%84%66%
4Oklahoma St QB Brandon Weeden85%75%60%100%84%66%
5Boise St QB Kellen Moore71%75%100%33%38%66%
6Oregon RB LaMichael James71%62%20%88%61%50%
7Baylor QB Robert Griffin III57%25%20%55%61%33%
8Oklahoma QB Landry Jones28%37%40%22%53%50%
9Oklahoma St WR Justin Blackmon71%25%20%11%61%33%
10Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson14%50%20%22%15%16%
11USC QB Matt Barkley14%0%20%22%7%33%
12LSU DB Tyrann Mathieu14%12%20%0%15%33%

Participating voters included:

Mid-Atlantic: Frank Bodani, Josh Kendall, Chuck Landon, Bob Molinaro, Keith Morehouse, Matthew Osborne, Doug Smock

Midwest: Andy Baggot, Randy Beard, Mike Carmin, Doug Clarke, Pete DiPrimio, Todd Hefferman, Jeff Rapp, Jon Spencer

Northeast: Cory McCartney, Rick McGowan, Chuck Pollock, Lenn Robbins, B.J. Schecter

South: Brady Ackerman, Rick Bozich, Olin Buchanan, John Crist, Joe Girvan, Cecil Hurt, Joey Johnston, Phillip Marshall, Billy Reed

Southwest: Kirk Bohls, Jimmy Burch, Sean Callahan, David Collier, Suzanne Halliburton, John Helsley, Gary Ivins, Josh Kinder, Harry King, Reid Laymance, Bob Lutz, Dave Matter, David McCollum

West: Mark Anderson, Steve Bisheff, Mike Lewis, Eric Schmoldt, Kevin Schnepf, Scott Wolf