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Week 2: Denard Robinson joins the top five

Posted by Kari Chisholm on September 16, 2011 in News.

Six candidates enter the Heisman top 25, as six others exit.

Not much movement at the very top of the Heisman poll - as Boise St QB Kellen Moore, Stanford QB Andrew Luck, and Oklahoma QB Landry Jones remain the top three. Alabama RB Trent Richardson edged a bit closer, moving into the #4 spot with support from 90% of Heisman voters.

But the big story after Week 2 is the re-emergence of Michigan QB Denard Robinson in the top five, appearing on top 15 watch lists of 86% of Heisman voters. Robinson exited the top five in week 8 last year and didn't return until now.

New to the Heisman race this week are Tennessee QB Tyler Bray (#22), Arizona St QB Brock Osweiler (#23), and Florida International WR T.Y. Hilton (#24). And returning, after a one-week absence, are Auburn RB Michael Dyer (#15), Oregon QB Darron Thomas (#17), and Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd (#20).

Dropping out of the top 25 were Virginia Tech RB David Wilson, Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill, Nebraska DT Jared Crick, West Virginia QB Geno Smith, Maryland QB Danny O'Brien, and Arizona QB Nick Foles.

48 actual Heisman voters from 29 states participated in this week's poll.

1Boise St QB Kellen Moore98%472
2Stanford QB Andrew Luck96%463
3Oklahoma QB Landry Jones95%461
4Alabama RB Trent Richardson90%435
5Michigan QB Denard Robinson86%418
6Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson81%386
7Baylor QB Robert Griffin III79%394
8South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore79%379
9Houston QB Case Keenum74%367
10Oklahoma St WR Justin Blackmon73%3511
11Oregon RB LaMichael James72%3510
12Oklahoma St QB Brandon Weeden40%2321
13Michigan St QB Kirk Cousins35%1620
14Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez35%1812
15Auburn RB Michael Dyer26%14--
16Florida St QB EJ Manuel26%1023
17Oregon QB Darron Thomas25%12--
18Oklahoma WR Ryan Broyles23%1214
19USC QB Matt Barkley21%1013
20Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd20%12--
21USC WR Robert Woods20%1015
22Tennessee QB Tyler Bray19%9--
23Arizona St QB Brock Osweiler18%8--
24Florida Intl WR T.Y. Hilton18%10--
25Virginia Tech RB David Wilson17%822

Regional breakdown and list of participating voters on the jump...

With votes coming from 29 states, players are ranked based on a weighted percentage that adjusts for the number of participating voters in each state.

Here's the regional breakdown:

1Boise St QB Kellen Moore100%90%100%100%100%100%
2Stanford QB Andrew Luck100%90%100%100%90%100%
3Oklahoma QB Landry Jones100%100%80%91%100%100%
4Alabama RB Trent Richardson100%90%80%91%80%100%
5Michigan QB Denard Robinson75%90%100%75%80%100%
6Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson100%90%60%58%80%100%
7Baylor QB Robert Griffin III50%80%100%75%100%71%
8South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore100%60%80%83%80%71%
9Houston QB Case Keenum75%60%80%83%90%57%
10Oklahoma St WR Justin Blackmon75%60%80%66%90%71%
11Oregon RB LaMichael James75%80%60%66%70%85%
12Oklahoma St QB Brandon Weeden0%30%20%58%90%42%
13Michigan St QB Kirk Cousins50%60%40%16%20%28%
14Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez25%60%40%33%40%14%
15Auburn RB Michael Dyer25%10%20%58%20%28%
16Florida St QB EJ Manuel75%10%40%25%10%0%
17Oregon QB Darron Thomas25%20%20%33%10%42%
18Oklahoma WR Ryan Broyles25%20%20%16%60%0%
19USC QB Matt Barkley25%30%20%8%20%28%
20Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd0%40%20%33%30%0%
21USC WR Robert Woods0%10%20%25%10%57%
22Tennessee QB Tyler Bray25%0%20%41%0%28%
23Arizona St QB Brock Osweiler25%30%20%0%10%28%
24Florida Intl WR T.Y. Hilton0%0%20%41%20%28%
25Virginia Tech RB David Wilson25%20%20%8%30%0%

Participating voters included:

Mid-Atlantic: Frank Bodani, Doug Doughty, Phil Kornblut, Matthew Osborne

Midwest: Andy Baggot, Randy Beard, Doug Clarke, Pete DiPrimio, Todd Hefferman, Tony Krausz, Tom Mulhern, Jeff Rapp, Drew Sharp, Jon Spencer

Northeast: C.J. McCarthy, Cory McCartney, Rick McGowan, Chuck Pollock, Lenn Robbins

South: Brady Ackerman, Sean Baligian, Rick Bozich, Olin Buchanan, Joe Girvan, Chuck Hathcock, Ron Higgins, Cecil Hurt, Phillip Marshall, Joshua Parrott, Billy Reed, Bob Tompkins

Southwest: Kirk Bohls, Jimmy Burch, David Collier, Suzanne Halliburton, Gary Ivins, Harry King, Reid Laymance, Bob Lutz, Dave Matter, Mike'l Severe

West: Mark Anderson, Steve Bisheff, Patrick Finley, Mike Lewis, Eric Schmoldt, Kevin Schnepf, Mike Sorensen