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Week 8: Top 3 unchanged, but Gabbert and Griffin zoom up

Posted by Kari Chisholm on October 28, 2010 in News.

The top three in the ranking remained unchanged - Auburn QB Cam Newton, Boise State QB Kellen Moore, and Oregon RB LaMichael James. Stanford QB Andrew Luck moved up to #4, just ahead of Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor and Michigan QB Denard Robinson who round out the top six.

Moving up big this week were Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert - who jumped ten spots to #7 after passing for 308 yards against then-#1 Oklahoma - and Baylor QB Robert Griffin who debuted at #14, after a 404 yard and 4 TD performance against Kansas State. Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez continued his erratic path - up to #8 after dropping to #13 a week after shooting up to #4. And USC QB Matt Barkley jumped four spots to #16.

This week, the ranking reduces in size from 25 to 20, as voters are now being asked for their personal top ten lists (down from fifteen at the start of the season.) No longer in the Top 20 are: Iowa QB Ricky Stanzi, Kentucky WR Randall Cobb, Oklahoma QB Landry Jones, Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray, Oregon St RB Jacquizz Rodgers, South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore, and Stanford FB/LB Owen Marecic.

62 actual Heisman voters from 34 states participated in this week's poll.

Full details of the poll on the jump...

The 2010 Week 8 Heisman Poll

Here's the regional breakdown:

rankplayerAtlantic (6)Midwest (9)Northeast (6)South (18)Southwest (12)West (11)
1Auburn QB Cameron Newton100%88%100%100%100%100%
2Boise St QB Kellen Moore100%77%100%72%100%100%
3Oregon RB LaMichael James66%100%100%83%91%90%
4Stanford QB Andrew Luck100%77%83%72%50%81%
5Ohio St QB Terrelle Pryor50%88%83%77%75%81%
6Michigan QB Denard Robinson50%44%83%83%50%81%
7Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert66%22%50%38%66%27%
8Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez33%0%50%50%58%45%
9TCU QB Andy Dalton50%44%0%22%58%54%
10Wisconsin RB John Clay33%66%16%38%41%27%
11Alabama RB Mark Ingram33%55%16%16%25%36%
12Michigan St QB Kirk Cousins66%44%16%11%16%27%
13Oklahoma St WR Justin Blackmon33%0%33%50%41%0%
14Baylor QB Robert Griffin16%33%33%11%33%9%
15Oregon QB Darron Thomas33%11%16%5%8%45%
16USC QB Matt Barkley0%11%33%27%16%27%
17Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett16%22%16%22%8%9%
18Oklahoma St RB Kendall Hunter0%22%16%0%41%9%
19Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick16%11%33%5%8%9%
20LSU DB Patrick Peterson0%33%0%11%16%9%

Participating voters included:

Mid-Atlantic: Frank Bodani, Mike Casazza, Doug Doughty, Tom Luicci, Matthew Osborne, Caulton Tudor

Midwest: Andy Baggot, Randy Beard, Mike Carmin, Doug Clarke, Don Doxsie, Dave Hackenberg, Sean Keeler, Drew Sharp, Jon Spencer

Northeast: Mark Blaudschun, Brian Koonz, C.J. McCarthy, Cory McCartney, Rick McGowan, Brad Riter

South: Brady Ackerman, Sean Baligian, Joe Biddle, Andy Bitter, Olin Buchanan, David Ching, Pat Dooley, Mark Edwards, Tim Guidera, Ron Higgins, Joey Johnston, Randy Kennedy, Phillip Marshall, Brett McMurphy, Joshua Parrott, Billy Reed, Doug Segrest, Bob Tompkins

Southwest: Jimmy Burch, Sean Callahan, Suzanne Halliburton, Kevin Haskin, Gary Ivins, Harry King, Kevin Kugler, Reid Laymance, Dave Matter, David McCollum, John Rohde, Mike'l Severe

West: Mark Anderson, Steve Bisheff, Bob Condotta, Ken Goe, Dan Hinxman, John Hunt, Mike Lewis, Jeff Metcalfe, Kevin Schnepf, George Schroeder, Scott Wolf