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Week 4 Poll: Pryor new leader in Heisman race; Robinson drops to #4

Posted on October 1, 2010 in News.

Auburn's Newton jumps from nowhere to #9; Stanford's Marecic debuts at #20.

A bit of a shakeup in the Heisman race this week. Michigan QB Denard Robinson, who had led for three weeks two weeks, dropped to #4 - and gave way to Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor. The #2 spot was claimed by Stanford QB Andrew Luck, up from fifth last week. Boise State QB Kellen Moore was #3.

Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett dropped #3 to #7, but widespread reports of the demise of his Heisman campaign seem to be overblown. Two-thirds of Heisman voters still include him on their watch lists.

Big moves this week were made by Auburn QB Cam Newton, who jumped into the #9 slot; LSU DB Patrick Peterson, who moved up to #12; NC State QB Russell Wilson, who jumped up to #15.

Stanford FB/LB Owen Marecic - the only two-way starter in FBS football - debuted at #20 after his back-to-back two-touchdown performance (one rush, one interception) against Notre Dame. USC QB Matt Barkley returned to the top 25 at #20 this week.

Update: We should mention who dropped out of the Top 25 - all running backs: South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore, West Virginia's Noel Devine, Alabama's Trent Richardson, and Pitt's Dion Lewis.

Full details of the poll on the jump...

The 2010 Week 4 Heisman Poll

65 actual Heisman voters from 36 states participated in the week four poll.

Here's the regional breakdown:

rankplayerAtlantic (9)Midwest (10)Northeast (7)South (14)Southwest (14)West (11)
1Ohio St QB Terrelle Pryor100%100%100%100%85%100%
2Stanford QB Andrew Luck88%90%85%100%92%100%
3Boise St QB Kellen Moore88%90%100%100%85%90%
4Michigan QB Denard Robinson100%90%85%100%85%90%
5Alabama RB Mark Ingram77%90%71%100%100%100%
6Oregon RB LaMichael James22%60%71%92%71%72%
7Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett77%70%57%50%71%63%
8TCU QB Andy Dalton77%60%42%50%57%63%
9Auburn QB Cameron Newton33%10%57%100%50%54%
10Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick44%50%42%28%42%81%
11Wisconsin RB John Clay33%60%71%35%35%45%
12LSU DB Patrick Peterson44%20%57%78%28%27%
13Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez22%40%42%64%28%36%
14Oklahoma QB Landry Jones55%40%28%28%35%36%
15NC State QB Russell Wilson33%10%57%42%14%18%
16Alabama QB Greg McElroy22%30%42%28%14%27%
17Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray11%20%42%14%35%27%
18Arizona QB Nick Foles22%20%14%28%35%18%
19Oregon St RB Jacquizz Rodgers11%30%0%28%14%54%
20Stanford FB/LB Owen Marecic22%20%28%7%28%27%
21Kansas St RB Daniel Thomas22%20%14%14%42%18%
22USC QB Matt Barkley22%30%14%21%35%0%
23Oklahoma St RB Kendall Hunter11%0%0%28%50%18%
24Florida RB Jeff Demps33%10%0%14%14%18%
25Utah QB Jordan Wynn22%20%14%7%7%9%

Participating voters included:

Mid-Atlantic: Frank Bodani, Mike Casazza, Doug Doughty, Chuck Landon, Tom Luicci, Susan Lulgjuraj, Dave Morrison, Caulton Tudor, Dave Weekley

Midwest:Andy Baggot, Mike Carmin, Doug Clarke, Don Doxsie, Dave Hackenberg, Sean Keeler, Tony Krausz, Tim May, Drew Sharp, Jon Spencer

Northeast: Mark Blaudschun, Mike DiMauro, Brian Koonz, C.J. McCarthy, Cory McCartney, Rick McGowan, Lenn Robbins

South: Brady Ackerman, Sean Baligian, Joe Biddle, Andy Bitter, Olin Buchanan, David Ching, Pat Dooley, Ron Higgins, Joey Johnston, Randy Kennedy, Chris Low, Phillip Marshall, Brett McMurphy, Joshua Parrott

Southwest: Greg Archuleta, Sean Callahan, Joe Cervi, Suzanne Halliburton, Kevin Haskin, Gary Ivins, Harry King, Kevin Kugler, Reid Laymance, Dave Matter, David McCollum, John Rohde, Mike'l Severe, Tom Shatel

West: Mark Anderson, Steve Bisheff, Bob Condotta, Dan Hinxman, Mike Lewis, Jeff Metcalfe, Kevin Schnepf, George Schroeder, John Tamanaha, Mike Waldner, Scott Wolf