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Week 1: Pryor and Moore take the lead

Posted by Kari Chisholm on September 10, 2010 in News.
Week 1: Pryor and Moore take the lead

Also, Heisman voters tell us: Should Reggie Bush be stripped of his Heisman?

After just one week of college football, the Heisman landscape has been up-ended. Nine of the top ten spots are now held by quarterbacks, headlined by Ohio State's Terrelle Pryor and Boise State's Kellen Moore -- named to 97% and 93% of Heisman top-15 watchlists, respectively. Mark Ingram, previously on 100% of watchlists, appeared on only 59% and dropped to #6.

62 actual Heisman voters from 36 states participated in the week one poll.

In addition, Heisman voters weighed in on the following question: "Should Reggie Bush be stripped of the 2005 Heisman Trophy?" 36 voters, 61% of the total, responded "NO". 23 voters, 39%, responded "YES".

Amidst all the talk about Reggie Bush and the Heisman Trophy, this is the first time that anyone's surveyed a wide range of Heisman voters. Admittedly, this is just 59 of the 870 media voters - but one thing is clear: Heisman voters are certainly not in unananimous agreement one way or the other.

Additional observations about the Week 1 poll:

  • In the preseason poll, 4 of the top 10 spots (and 9 of 25) were held by tailbacks. After just one week of games, that's down to 1 of the top 10 (but now 10 of 25.)
  • Florida St QB Christian Ponder made the biggest jump from #14 to #7. Stanford QB Andrew Luck jumped from #10 to #4.
  • New to the top 20 are USC QB Matt Barkley (at #12), Michigan QB Denard Robinson (at #13), and Virginia Tech QB Tyrod Taylor (at #17).
  • Notable dropouts from the top 25 include Virginia Tech RB Ryan Williams (prev. #13), Georgia WR A.J. Green (prev. #16), Oklahoma QB Landry Jones (prev. #19), and Florida QB John Brantley (prev. #20).
  • There's one defensive player in the top 25 - LSU defensive back Patrick Peterson. There are no wide receivers in the top 25.
  • 84 different football players appeared on at least one Heisman top-15 watchlist.

On the jump, the full poll: Heisman Poll: Week One

1Ohio St QB Terrelle Pryor96%592
2Boise St QB Kellen Moore93%574
3Houston QB Case Keenum70%405
4Stanford QB Andrew Luck69%4210
5Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett65%417
6Alabama RB Mark Ingram58%351
7Florida St QB Christian Ponder56%3514
8Washington QB Jake Locker55%353
9Miami QB Jacory Harris51%2912
10Oregon St RB Jacquizz Rodgers47%308
11Wisconsin RB John Clay44%289
12USC QB Matt Barkley44%25--
13Michigan QB Denard Robinson43%27--
14Pitt RB Dion Lewis41%246
15Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray40%2717
16West Virginia RB Noel Devine39%2311
17Virginia Tech QB Tyrod Taylor38%24--
18TCU QB Andy Dalton36%2418
19Oregon RB LaMichael James35%2215
20LSU DB Patrick Peterson28%19--
21Oklahoma St RB Kendall Hunter25%17--
22Alabama QB Greg McElroy23%1521
23Iowa QB Ricky Stanzi21%13--
24Alabama RB Trent Richardson19%12--
25Kansas St RB Daniel Thomas18%12--

With votes coming from 36 states, players are ranked based on a weighted percentage that adjusts for the number of participating voters in each state.

Here's the regional breakdown:

rankplayerAtlantic (7)Midwest (11)Northeast (7)South (15)Southwest (14)West (8)
1Ohio St QB Terrelle Pryor100%100%100%86%92%100%
2Boise St QB Kellen Moore100%90%100%80%100%87%
3Houston QB Case Keenum100%36%100%60%50%75%
4Stanford QB Andrew Luck100%54%71%60%71%62%
5Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett71%72%42%66%64%75%
6Alabama RB Mark Ingram42%45%85%46%57%75%
7Florida St QB Christian Ponder42%36%71%53%71%62%
8Washington QB Jake Locker28%90%42%46%50%75%
9Miami QB Jacory Harris57%27%100%26%50%50%
10Oregon St RB Jacquizz Rodgers42%63%14%46%42%75%
11Wisconsin RB John Clay28%72%57%46%35%25%
12USC QB Matt Barkley42%27%57%20%42%75%
13Michigan QB Denard Robinson57%54%42%53%28%25%
14Pitt RB Dion Lewis57%45%57%40%21%25%
15Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray14%27%28%73%35%62%
16West Virginia RB Noel Devine71%36%57%33%28%12%
17Virginia Tech QB Tyrod Taylor42%9%42%33%64%37%
18TCU QB Andy Dalton57%36%0%33%57%37%
19Oregon RB LaMichael James28%54%14%33%21%62%
20LSU DB Patrick Peterson14%27%28%53%21%25%
21Oklahoma St RB Kendall Hunter0%9%28%26%50%37%
22Alabama QB Greg McElroy28%27%28%40%14%0%
23Iowa QB Ricky Stanzi14%45%14%13%14%25%
24Alabama RB Trent Richardson0%27%57%13%21%0%
25Kansas St RB Daniel Thomas0%0%28%13%42%25%

Participating voters included:

Mid-Atlantic: Mike Casazza, Doug Doughty, Chuck Landon, Tom Luicci, Dave Morrison, Doug Smock, Caulton Tudor

Midwest: Andy Baggot, Mike Carmin, Doug Clarke, Pete DiPrimio, Don Doxsie, Sean Keeler, Tony Krausz, Jeff Potrykus, C. Trent Rosecrans, Drew Sharp, Jon Spencer

Northeast: Mark Blaudschun, Mike DiMauro, C.J. McCarthy, Cory McCartney, Rick McGowan, Brad Riter, B.J. Schecter

South: Brady Ackerman, Sean Baligian, Joe Biddle, Andy Bitter, Bruce Brown, Olin Buchanan, Pat Dooley, Tim Guidera, Chuck Hathcock, Ron Higgins, Ted Lewis, Phillip Marshall, Brett McMurphy, Billy Reed, Bob Tompkins

Southwest: Greg Archuleta, David Barron, Sean Callahan, Joe Cervi, Mike DeArmond, Tom Dienhart, Suzanne Halliburton, Kevin Haskin, Harry King, Dave Matter, David McCollum, John Rohde, Tom Shatel, Steve Sipple

West: Mark Anderson, Bob Condotta, Ken Goe, Dan Hinxman, Mike Lewis, Jeff Metcalfe, Kevin Schnepf, John Tamanaha