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CBS Sports: Barkley's 3 TDs lead USC past Utah

Matt Barkley passed for 303 yards and three touchdowns, including an 83-yarder to Marqise Lee in the fourth quarter, and No. 13 Southern California came back from a two-touchdown deficit to beat Utah 38-28 Thursday night.

Published October 4, 2012

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Mar 16, 2012ESPN: Take 2: Barkley or Thomas for Heisman?
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Mar 6, 2012ESPN: Wojciechowski: Barkley happy to return
Mar 6, 2012ESPN: Wojciechowski: Barkley happy to return to USC
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Jan 17, 2012ESPN: Barkley, Thomas lead 2012 Heisman list
Jan 11, 2012Sports Illustrated: Barkley's Trojans No. 2 in '12 early Top 25
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Dec 23, 2011ESPN: Barkley says original plan was to leave USC
Dec 23, 2011Sports Illustrated: Barkley's $20 million choice
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Dec 23, 2011Yahoo Sports: Matt Barkley passes on an NFL payday, but the NCAA has his senior season covered
Dec 22, 2011ESPN: Saxon: Matt Barkley could be the greatest
Dec 22, 2011ESPN: Markazi: Barkley makes Kiffin sweat
Dec 22, 2011CBS Sports: Trojans have look of a title contender with Barkley coming back
Dec 22, 2011Sports Illustrated: Andy Staples: Matt Barkley made best choice for himself by returning to USC
Dec 22, 2011ESPN: Kiper: How Matt Barkley shifts the draft
Dec 22, 2011USA Today: Barkley puts NFL on hold to return to USC for senior season
Dec 22, 2011ESPN: Barkley's return means USC is back
Dec 22, 2011NY Times: Trojans QB Barkley Coming Back
Dec 22, 2011NY Times: The Quad: Barkley to Stay at U.S.C.
Dec 22, 2011NY Times: Barkley to Stay at U.S.C.
Dec 22, 2011ESPN: QB Barkley will return to USC for senior season
Dec 22, 2011Sports Illustrated: Barkley elects to forgo NFL draft, return to USC
Dec 22, 2011ESPN: WeAreSC links: Analyzing Barkley's impact
Dec 22, 2011Yahoo Sports: Merry Christmas, USC: You’re getting one more year of Matt Barkley
Dec 22, 2011Yahoo Sports: Merry Christmas, USC: You’re getting one more year of Matt Barkley
Dec 22, 2011ESPN: Video: Matt Barkley news conference
Dec 22, 2011USA Today: USC's Barkley to reveal NFL draft decision
Dec 22, 2011ESPN: USC's Barkley to announce plans for next year
Dec 22, 2011Sports Illustrated: USC's Barkley will announce NFL decision today
Dec 22, 2011ESPN: McDonald to return, Barkley to announce
Dec 16, 2011ESPN: Video: Will Kalil's decision impact Barkley?
Dec 15, 2011Yahoo Sports: Matt Barkley has a dozen reasons to stay at USC. One of them is actually good.
Dec 9, 2011ESPN: WeAreSC links: Barkley's legacy secure
Dec 5, 2011ESPN: Barkley won't join Luck at Heisman ceremony
Dec 1, 2011Sports Illustrated: USC's Barkley files for NFL draft status evaluation
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