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Bleacher Report: A.J. Green Enters 2011 NFL Draft

Georgia superstar wide receiver A.J. Green will forgo his junior season to enter the NFL Draft, the team announced Sunday afternoon. Green, who is listed as the No. 1 wide receiver on the vast majority of big boards, will definitely be a top-10 pick, if not the top five. The 6’4″, 212 lbs specimen of an athlete is getting several comparisons to Sidney Rice and Brandon Marshall. Along with the physical attributes Green brings to the table, he also runs a 4.38 40-yard dash, which would be one of the best 40 times in the NFL when he is inevitably drafted. While there is plenty of ...

Published January 9, 2011

Jan 9, 2011Bleacher Report: A.J. Green Enters 2011 NFL Draft
Jan 9, 2011Bleacher Report: Goodbye, AJ Green
Jan 9, 2011ESPN: Georgia Bulldogs receiver A.J. Green to forgo senior season for NFL draft
Jan 9, 2011NY Times: Georgia WR A.J. Green Declares for NFL Draft
Jan 9, 2011USA Today: A.J. Green leaving Georgia after junior year to enter NFL draft
Jan 9, 2011Yahoo Sports: Early Exits: A.J. Green, Georgia's human highlight reel
Jan 9, 2011Yahoo Sports: Early Exits: A.J. Green, Georgia's human highlight reel
Jan 9, 2011Bleacher Report: A.J. Green Going Pro: 10 Bold Predictions for the 2011 Georgia Bulldogs
Jan 9, 2011ESPN: Georgia's A.J. Green declares for draft
Dec 31, 2010Yahoo Sports: Rating the Liberty Bowl: Give Georgia one more day of A.J. Green, or give them death
Nov 12, 2010Bleacher Report: AJ Green Sympathizes with Cameron Newton, Plus AU-UGA Preview
Nov 11, 2010Bleacher Report: Georgia Football: An Open Letter to AJ Green, "Please Stay"
Oct 14, 2010Bleacher Report: Georgia Football: Where Does A.J. Green Rank All Time Among Bulldog Receivers?
Oct 4, 2010Bleacher Report: Georgia Football: Video Of A.J. Green's Spectatular Catch Against Colorado
Oct 3, 2010Bleacher Report: Georgia Bulldogs' AJ Green No Longer an Option for Blame
Oct 3, 2010Yahoo Sports: Superlatives: A.J. Green is cleared for launch
Oct 2, 2010ESPN: A.J. Green makes successful return
Oct 2, 2010SB Nation: VIDEO: A.J. Green Returns To Field, Resumes Making Absurd One-Handed Catches
Sep 30, 2010Bleacher Report: Nebraska Allowed to Prosper While A.J. Green Punished
Sep 29, 2010Bleacher Report: A.J. Green and Discipline: The Link to Georgia's On Field Troubles
Sep 29, 2010Yahoo Sports: Headlinin': How TMZ's awful reporting sidelined A.J. Green
Sep 28, 2010ESPN: A.J. Green eager to make up for lost time
Sep 28, 2010ESPN: A.J. Green worries ban reason for Georgia Bulldogs' woes
Sep 27, 2010Bleacher Report: A.J. Green: Georgia Bulldogs Football Will Improve Greatly With His Return
Sep 19, 2010ESPN: Auburn Tigers' A.J. Greene 'looks' done after ankle injury
Sep 18, 2010Bleacher Report: Georgia Bulldogs Football Needs More Than A.J. Green To Win Games
Sep 18, 2010ESPN: No relief for Georgia's A.J. Green
Sep 17, 2010NY Times: NCAA Denies Appeal for Georgia WR A.J. Green
Sep 17, 2010ESPN: Georgia Bulldogs WR A.J. Green's 4-game suspension upheld by NCAA
Sep 17, 2010USA Today: NCAA denies appeal for Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green
Sep 17, 2010Yahoo Sports: Headlinin': A.J. Green's last stand
Sep 15, 2010USA Today: Georgia WR A.J. Green's appeal of suspension to be heard Friday
Sep 15, 2010ESPN: A.J. Green's appeal to be heard Friday
Sep 15, 2010ESPN: Man at center of A.J. Green probe facing drug rap
Sep 12, 2010ESPN: Georgia Bulldogs hopes NCAA eases A.J. Green's suspension
Sep 12, 2010Fanhouse: Mark Richt Hopes NCAA Will Hear A.J. Green Appeal on Tuesday
Sep 11, 2010ESPN: Waiting on A.J. Green appeal
Sep 10, 2010Bleacher Report: NCAA Strikes Again with A.J. Green Decision
Sep 9, 2010Sporting News: Report: A.J. Green buyer misrepresented himself
Sep 9, 2010Bleacher Report: A.J. Green of Georgia Bulldogs Suspended: Agents Must Also Be Held Responsible
Sep 8, 2010Bleacher Report: Georgia Football: WR A.J. Green Out 4 Games, Rest Of Bulldogs Will Step Up
Sep 8, 2010Sporting News: Georgia loses WR A.J. Green for three more games
Sep 8, 2010ESPN: Does A.J. Green's time fit the crime?
Sep 8, 2010Sporting News: Georgia's A.J. Green gets four-game suspension from NCAA
Sep 8, 2010Bleacher Report: A.J. Green: Why He's Going to Ruin Georgia's Run to SEC Title
Sep 8, 2010ESPN: 6P ET: A.J. Green Declared Ineligible, Mark Ingram Likely Out Against Penn State, No Haynesworth Trade This Week
Sep 8, 2010ESPN: Tough stretch for A.J. Green to be sitting
Sep 8, 2010Sporting News: Georgia's A.J. Green gets four-game suspension from NCAA
Sep 8, 2010NY Times: Georgia's A.J. Green Suspended for 4 Games
Sep 8, 2010ESPN: Georgia Bulldogs' A.J. Green ineligible for three more games

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