Stiff Arm Trophy

Bleacher Report: Oregon Ducks: Why QB Darron Thomas Should Have Been a Heisman Finalist

Yes the Heisman Trophy was already given out earlier this month, but this is something that still stumps me. Darron Thomas was absolutely snubbed in not being named a Heisman finalist. Yes, Cam Newton was the clear winner. Yes, Andrew Luck, LaMichael James, and Kellen Moore were qualified to be finalist, but so was Thomas. QB A: 3051 passing yards, 28 TD’s, 7 interceptions, 166.10 QB rating, 70.2 completion percentage, 438 rushing yards, 3 rushing TD’s and an 11-1 record. QB B: 2518 passing yards, 28 TD’s, 7 interceptions, 151.06 QB rating, 60.7 completion percentage, 488 rushing yards, 5 rushing ...

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