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Bleacher Report: Washington Football: How Jake Locker Stays In Heisman Contention

Before the season began the media anointed Jake Locker was the consensus 2011 1st round NFL draft choice, and a Heisman candidate.  Under the weight of that, and the raised expectations for the Huskies, there was a tremendous amount of pressure on Locker to perform.  With that in mind, which of the following stat line applies to the dual-threat quarterback for Washington?? 29/52 480yds, 4 TD 0 int; 28/130 1 TD Rushing   43/62 430 2 TD; 57/455 3 TD42/70 555 yds. 5 TD 0 int; 16/41 1 TDIn these stats, all three  quarterbacks have amassed over 600 yards of offense, and ...

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