Stiff Arm Trophy

Don't worry: we'll be back!

Posted on November 16, 2012.

This is the time of year when we start getting emails wondering - Hey, where's Stiff Arm Trophy? When are you guys making your projection?"

Not to worry, we'll be back. Heisman ballots are heading out to voters, and we'll soon start hearing about how they're voting. Once we do, we will - for the tenth year - start cataloging those votes and building out our projection.

But until votes start getting declared, we don't have a projection to make!

This year, we decided to do a pre-season poll, but skip the week-to-week poll. Mostly because Stiff Arm Trophy is run by Mandate Media, a political consulting firm in Portland, Oregon. And y'know, there was this election this fall. Day job's gotta come first.

But hang tight - the political election's over and the Heisman one is about to start. We'll be in touch!